We offer a range of livery packages tailored to your and your horse’s needs. If you need to change your package, permanently or for a specific period, then we can generally accommodate this, for example if you are away on holiday or on business or have family commitments. All our horses are managed individually and thrive on the relaxed atmosphere and regular routine.
We have a conscientious staff team who are committed to the welfare of each horse as an individual. We rely on them to maintain the high standards that are at the heart of our service. The yard is always staffed during the day and the horses are routinely checked, summer and winter, late in each evening. We have live-in staff on site.

Livery packages we offer include:

Full Livery

We look after your horse throughout the week all year round. We muck out, turn out, groom, feed, exercise and rug the horse. Feed, bedding, hay/haylage and tack cleaning are included, along with 24 hour turnout during the summer months and where possible daytime turnout during the winter. You ride when you want and we do the rest.

DIY Livery

This package comprises access to a designated stable, including bedding and hay/haylage and access to a dedicated paddock for summer grazing.

Grass Livery

Grass livery is available for retired horses or youngsters that will be out 24/7 all year round. There is no stable included in this package.

Rehabilitation Programmes

This is generally a time limited package following an injury or illness. There are varying rehabilitation services available on request, which can be tailored to the horse’s particular needs and stage of recovery. We work very closely with your vet in designing programmes, carrying them through and adjusting them over time.

Other Services…


Experienced staff are on hand to assist you with breaking your horse in or to complete the task for you.


We can ride or school your horse for you as an arranged add-on to any of the above livery packages. Schooling may be either on the flat or over jumps.

Rider Tuition

Private coaching is available onsite for dressage, show jumping and cross country. Offsite tuition is also available at one of several nearby cross-country and show jumping facilities.


Available upon request:

• plaiting
• trimming
• clipping
• tack cleaning
• show preparation

Livery is Currently Available!

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